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Express Out-of-State

Moving to another state is a big move not just for you, but for your belongings as well.  A lot of brokers and carriers that offer cross state moving will have people believe they are saving money with them, but end up paying a much higher bill in the end due to hidden fees or made-up fees that the carrier can charge on a whim.  There are often long wait times of weeks, sometimes months of getting your belongings, and it's not uncommon to have some of your things go missing or even end up with something that isn't yours!  




Price is based on the total size of your move plus the distance between the load and unload locations.

Our Express Out-of-State service provides DIRECT service from point A to point B for people moving out of state!

Your belongings, and only your belongings, will be loaded then directly driven to your new home where they will promptly be unloaded. You will be moved into your new home in a matter of days! Our extensive quoting process ensures that the quote you receive stays the same throughout the entire process.*

We do NOT service moves to Hawaii or Alaska at this time.

*Quotes will be adjusted if there are changes to the size of your move after the date of booking

Out-of-State Moves (leaving WA): Service
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